Juniors - Play 2 Win

Makridou Panayiotou


HERODOTOU TENNIS ACADEMY's performance programs are carefully tailored for separate needs of every single player

Our mision is to provide a highly organized and energetic program. The players will have fun and be challenged while being taught in a safe and profesional enviroment

High level training has always been the backbone of the Academy. We understand better than anyone else what it takes to develop a tailor-made program, find solutions, innovate, push the limits, and adapt to the constraints of the junior tour.

The Junior PERFORMANCE Program is designed for more advanced players. The program stresses mental discipline, conditioning, situational training and refining racquet skills. Match play performance will improve with on-court coaching. Admittance into the program is based on evaluation of performance and past tournament experience. The Junior Competition Tennis Program is led by a team of certified (ITF) coaches, all equipped with experience developing junior tennis players.  

Our PERFORMANCE program is multi-dimensional and could be best explained as a road with several stations - optimal diet for optimal training & fitness program what results in optimal court performance.

Students become the best by learning from the best and competing against one another.